About Aubrey and Tara:

Let us introduce ourselves! We are sisters, Aubrey (15) and Tara (14)! And we, are the Corrigan Sisters! On this blog, you’ll find easy, family favorite recipes of ours that you will love!

Cooking has been one of our joys ever since we can remember, from beating eggs for morning breakfast to decorating sugar cookies for the Holidays! 

We never thought of starting a YouTube channel, or blog until Covid happened. We especially started to cook and bake more and more at that time. We would watch food YouTubers, read food blogs, and be inspired by them. So, we would film short little videos to keep for ourselves.

Eventually, we decided to post our first YouTube video, and from then, we kept on creating and sharing recipes!

We live in the PNW, where there are tons of bears, blackberries and evergreen trees! We’ve been homeschooled our whole lives. Some hobbies of ours are traveling, piano, swimming, and of course cooking and baking! Our favorite foods (at the moment) are pizza, and for dessert… it’s probably cinnamon rolls, or ice cream. 🙂

Enjoy browsing through our recipes and be sure to stay tuned for more!

With our
recipes, it's
First Bite!

A Few of our Favorite Things!

Some of our all time favorite recipes, that you should definitely try!

No-churn roasted strawberry ice cream

Homemade, creamy, sweet, and so nostalgic!

Cheesy chicken Taquitos

These are baked and not fried, but just as good! (If not better).

Classic Italian Tiramisu

Lady fingers dipped in espresso, layered between a custard, topped with cocoa powder.

Sun-dried Tomato ricotta Pasta with eggplant

Flavorful, summery, and simple! It's so so good!

Blueberry crumb bars

A shortbread base, layered with juicy blueberries, and topped with a crumbly oat topping!

Brownies a la mode

This dessert looks and tastes so like you got it at a fancy restaurant.

The best cowboy caviar

A healthy and easy dip that comes together in less than 5 minutes.

lemon lavender cupcakes

These cupcakes have a soft and citrusy lemon cake base, topped with a lavender frosting!